Importance of Annual Health Checkups for Men

Health checkups are important for every individual in order to prevent serious diseases. In the hustle-bustle of the modern world, everyone is always busy on the run. As a result, the majority of our problems are left unnoticed. Most people tend to avoid health checkups until the symptoms get serious as they feel an early visit to the doctor is pointless. Our society needs to be aware of the advantages and significance of regular health checkups that can prevent further damage in the future. For men, health awareness is more crucial as problems start prospering as they get older. While cancer screening tests and other health issues are more important for older men, annual health checkups and full body examinations are more recommended for men of all ages.

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The primary reasons why health checkups are necessary for men

Medical checkups prevent severe loss in the long run, and sometimes also help to detect problems that would otherwise be unnoticed. Here is a list of the reasons why checkups are mandatory:

Keeps your vitals under constant supervision

Vitals are an important indicator of health. Vitals determine your body temperature, pulse and respiration rate. Not only your vitals, but a regular visit to the doctor can also help one understand the body’s general health and mental health too.

It helps to treat illnesses at an early stage.

Several health issues such as blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypertension, prostate cancer often don’t show early symptoms. By avoiding regular checkups, these illnesses can lead to severe damage in the future, such as heart attack or stroke.

Health checkups provide the benefit of timely treatment.

After identification of a disease, timely treatment is essential for maintaining good health. Early diagnosis ensures early treatment, which further adds more years to your life.

Why do men tend to avoid the doctor?

A lot of doctors believe that men avoid going to the clinic for a variety of reasons. Among those reasons, busy schedules, high cost and the embarrassing possibility of going through a digital rectal exam are most apparent. Doctors also believe that women get more accustomed to visiting the doctor than men due to various menstrual issues and pregnancy. Men more often used to be the parent who takes his wife or children for medical checkups.

Another theory, as stated by doctors about men’s reluctance to go for checkups, is an unhealthy lifestyle. Most men smoke, consume alcohol and refrain from a proper diet, accompanied by a lack of exercise. They know that a visit to the doctor will call for an immediate change in their lifestyle, which most men are unwilling to do.

Therefore, the only solution might be increasing awareness about men’s health, making them understand the side effects of harmful practices such as smoking and drinking. It not only affects their own lives but also the lives of people around them.

Here is a list of some of the significant tests that benefit men’s health.


Doctors always highlight the risks of high cholesterol levels in the blood, which leads to increased risks of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, doctors recommend regular blood tests for all men above the age of 35 to ensure that the cholesterol levels are kept in check. Often, risk factors like smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure and hereditary heart diseases require blood testing at an earlier age and more regularly than others.

Blood pressure

Screening tests for hypertension is recommended to every man, regardless of their age. At least once in every two years, they should go for the test. A survey conducted in the United States revealed that almost a third of all individuals have high blood pressure, but most are unaware of it as they don’t experience the symptoms earlier.


Like other illnesses, most individuals are unaware of the high levels of glucose in their blood which causes diabetes, as they don’t experience the symptoms at an early age. Therefore, annual health checkups are vital for preventing increased risks. Doctors suggest that a healthy diet along with exercise is beneficial for preventing diabetes or keeping it at bay.

Sexual health

Men who engage in a lot of sexual activities without using proper contraception are advised regular health checkups. It prevents sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, Syphilis and Gonorrhea.

Bangalore is one of the leading metropolitan cities in India, where men’s issues are a growing concern. Being the IT hub of the country, men and women are spending excessive hours at work, leading to stress and degradation of mental health. As a result, more men and women are resorting to Annual Health Checkup in Bangalore.

To conclude, men should be taught about the importance of medical checkups at an early age. This will not only prevent diseases but also increase their mental and physical productivity, adding more years to their lives.

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