How to Get Best Senior Citizen Health Checkup Packages?

When you grow old, all crucial responsibilities are over, and life’s ecstatic and joyful innings seem to have begun. However, for senior citizen, the body becomes feeble and complicated diseases are more prone to attack. The Senior Citizen Health Packages in Bangalore can help you to detect the problems at an early stage.

How to Get Best Senior Citizen Health Checkup Packages?

Nowadays, several health care centres and hospitals are trying to bring up their specially designed health check-up packages for elderly people. There are many ways to choose the finest and comprehensive health check-up packages.

Basic health checkup Packages:

As we are ageing, our body needs at least a full-body check-up on a yearly basis. The basic health package for elderly people should cover the following tests:

  • Blood glucose test ( Fasting):

Diabetes has become a hazardous condition nowadays. However, if it is detected early then it will not affect every part of the body. The symptoms of diabetes may not show up in its early stages. If you can detect any symptoms then you should go for the test.

  • Blood pressure check-up: 

After the age of 60, checking blood pressure is very important as it leads to a number of diseases.  When the elderly people are suffering from high blood pressure problems, monitoring blood pressure on a monthly basis is mandatory.

Premium health check-up packages

In addition to the basic health check-up packages, the senior citizen can opt for the premium packages as compared to the standard one. Let’s have a view of the premium packages which includes some other tests along with the basic package :

  • Complete blood count test:  

The complete blood count test measures the cells that make up the blood such as platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells. Doctors can advise the CBC test as a routine check-up for those who are anaemic.

  • Cholesterol test:

Cholesterol is a fat-like waxy substance that is found in the living cells and in the bloodstream. This particular substance obstructs blood flow. If the blood flow to the heart gets obstructed, it often leads to a heart attack. So the cholesterol test is very essential for heart patients especially after the age of 60. 

  • Liver test:    

Liver function test helps you to detect the health of the liver by checking the levels of bilirubin, liver enzymes and proteins in the blood. It is also done to monitor the side effects of some medications that are known to affect the liver. So the liver function test is mandatory for all senior citizens who are taking medicines for a long time.

  • ECG test:

An ECG test records the electrical activity of the heart. It gives you the information regarding the rhythmicity, heart rate. The cardiologists can recommend senior citizens to go for an ECG twice in a year if they have any track record of heart disease in their family.

Here we have discussed the ways to get the best comprehensive health check-up packages for senior citizens that most of the health sectors offer. A Master Health Check in Bangalore can help you to find any disease at the preliminary stage so that they can enjoy the rest of life.

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